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Kids' Choice Awards, People's Choice Awards, Emmys, MTV Movie Awards
Teen Choice Awards, Kids' Choice Sports Awards, Critics' Choice Awards



 about me

I love to bake extravagant cakes for my sons' birthdays.

I overuse the laughing emoji. 

I love musical theater, avocados, fabric softener, and strong coffee.

Current obsession: Peloton bike


My favorite car was my '65 dove blue VW bus with safari windows. 


I went skydiving at sunset when I was 20.

I love to ride my Kawasaki dirt bike. Team green!

My very first voiceover job, after a year straight of auditioning, was the live announcer for the MTV Movie Awards. 


I backpacked through Europe and the Middle East after college, exploring 18 countries.


I owned an art school for kids for seven years and am currently an art docent for my sons' classes.

Hands down, my greatest accomplishments are my two sons.